What NCWHA is All About!

So what's all the fuss about NCWHA?

NCWHA's purpose is to promote interest in the further training and showing of all breeds of horses, to ensure adequate and fair recognition and consideration of all the breeds and their showing in horse shows, etc. - Basically that means that NCWHA shows are open to anyone interested in showing their horses no matter what the breed. We take pride in having a quality circuit and offer classes from novice level on up in speed and English/Western events. NCWHA also gives quality year-end awards. Anyone who shows for the fun of it or those who are "going for the big award" can come and and do what they enjoy.

We pride ourselves in promoting a friendly family horse show experience that is safe and fun for the exhibitor and their horse regardless of age or experience level.

We offer college scholarships which are distributed starting with the oldest graduating intermediate age group horse / rider combination that has accumulated the most points in either the speed or performance division throughout the show season.